Best Places to Live in East London

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July 8, 2024
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Welcome to East London, where history meets hipsters, and every neighbourhood has its own unique vibe. With so many places to choose from, each with their own unique vibe and demographic, we’ve used our years of experience in the London housing market to put together a guide on the best places to live.

Shoreditch: The Hipster’s Paradise

Brick Lane, Shoreditch

If you want to be where the action is, Shoreditch is your spot. This neighbourhood is bursting with trendy bars, art galleries, and enough street art to fill an Instagram feed. The residents are a mix of young professionals, creatives, and the occasional celebrity. Shoreditch’s nightlife is legendary, so prepare for late nights and even later brunches​.

Canary Wharf: The Urban Jungle

Canary Wharf Skyline

Canary Wharf is the place for all the city slickers and high-flyers. Think skyscrapers, luxury boutiques, and enough riverside bars to keep your weekends interesting. It's perfect for those who enjoy the finer things in life and want their commute to be a breeze – the Jubilee Line will whisk you to Bond Street in under 25 minutes​.​. Just make sure you have a taste for jazz and vintage whisky because Boisdale is a must-visit.

Walthamstow: The Best of Both Worlds

Walthamstow Market

Walthamstow marries the East End spirit with a touch of greenery, making it ideal for families and young professionals alike. Known for its traditional markets and cute bakeries, this area is a real gem. The demographic here is getting younger, bringing with it a slew of new restaurants and bars. Plus, there's plenty of Victorian and Edwardian charm to go around​.

Hackney Wick: The Artistic Hub

View of Olympic Park from Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick is where East London’s artistic crowd comes to play. This area is known for its creative vibe, with plenty of galleries, studios, and the famous Crate Brewery to keep you entertained. With Regents Canal, Victoria Park, and London Fields Lido nearby, there’s a perfect mix of green spaces and urban cool.

Bethnal Green: The Unpretentious Gem

Bethnal Green Road

Bethnal Green is a blend of rich history and modern amenities. This neighbourhood is perfect for those who want vibrant nightlife and easy access to central London without the hefty price tag. Expect a thriving arts scene, excellent parks, and a diverse community that keeps the area lively and exciting.

Dalston: The Night Owl’s Dream

Dalston is the place to be for those who love a good night out. Kingsland Road is packed with fantastic Vietnamese restaurants and trendy cocktail lounges. The Vortex Jazz Club is a local favourite, and Ridley Road Market offers fresh produce and international cuisine. Dalston is also great for walking enthusiasts, with plenty of trails and green spaces to explore​.

Stratford: The Olympic Legacy

London Olympic Park

Stratford has transformed into a buzzing residential area, thanks in large part to the 2012 Olympics. It's perfect for families and young professionals looking for a mix of city life and green spaces, with the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on your doorstep​. The area is brimming with new developments and boasts excellent transport links, making it easy to zip around London. Not to mention, you’ll also get easy access to the Westfield for all your shopping needs.

Wapping: The Historic Haven

Wapping Riverbank

Wapping is a maritime lover’s dream, full of historic pubs and cobblestone streets. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a quieter, more refined atmosphere while still being close to the action. The Prospect of Whitby, dating back to 1520, is a must-visit pub, and you’re just a stone’s throw away from St Katharine Docks​.

Leyton: The Up-and-Coming Star

Leyton is on the rise, attracting a younger crowd with its affordable housing and growing number of cafes and bars. It's a great place for first-time buyers and those looking for a community vibe without straying too far from central London. Plus, with Leyton's excellent transport links including the central line, you're always connected to the rest of the city.

Spitalfields: The Vibrant Mosaic

Old Spitalfields Market

While it’s easy to let the area blend into one, Spitalfields is a short walk south from Shoreditch and offers a colourful blend of history and modernity. The Old Spitalfields Market is a bustling hub of food and fashion, while the area’s street art adds a splash of colour to every corner. Families will appreciate the good schools and plentiful amenities, making it a lively yet practical place to call home.

Victoria Park: The Green Escape

Victoria Park London

Whilst not strictly a ‘neighbourhood’, Victoria Park, often called the “People’s Park,” is perfect for those who crave open spaces and community spirit in East London. It’s an ideal spot for families and anyone who enjoys outdoor activities, with over 200 acres of parkland to explore. The area around Victoria Park Village offers charming shops and cosy cafes, providing a quaint village feel right in the heart of East London.

Stoke Newington: The Trendy Retreat

Stoke Newington London

Stoke Newington, or "Stokey" to the locals, is a trendy haven with a laid-back vibe. Church Street is lined with independent boutiques, organic cafes, and vintage shops. The neighbourhood attracts a mix of young families, professionals, and creatives who appreciate the area's community feel and eclectic charm.

There you have it – the best places to live in East London. Whether you're after the high life in Canary Wharf or the hipster hangouts of Shoreditch, there's something for everyone in this vibrant part of the city. Now, who's ready to find their new home?

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