Why HomeQuarters? - Sarah

Several years ago I was kindly given the opportunity to work from home permanently. As a new mum this suited me perfectly, providing me with the flexibility to work around my son and his various days in childcare.

While the flexibility was great, it quickly dawned on me all the things I would now be missing out on. Despite all the wonderful time I got to spend with my son, there were tough moments when I missed the chit-chat over a cup of tea, my comfy office chair and the treats brought in by my colleagues.

When the Coronavirus pandemic suddenly forced thousands of people to be working from home, all the feelings and emotions I had felt came rushing to the surface. Knowing there would be people, like me, who struggled to adapt I felt compelled to create something to offer them some comfort during these times, and this is when HomeQuarters was born.

Over the years I have developed many tips and tricks to maintain a healthy balance whilst working from home. I will be sharing these each month along with drinks, snacks and other items which would have brought a smile to my face during the difficult times.

It's so exciting to curate all the items for the HomeQuarters box and I can't wait for you all to feel uplifted when you open it. I'm looking forward to bringing joy to all you working from home warriors.


Co-founder of HomeQuarters


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