Why it's important to take 5

With so many people now working from home there is a hidden issue many will not see coming.

When working in an office you would be provided with a supportive chair and a desk of an appropriate height, as many employers realise the importance of their staff being comfortable. However, now the reality for many is being crouched over a laptop at the breakfast bar, sitting at the dining room table on a chair which doesn't support the lower back or even sitting on a bed.

Furthermore, instead of having to walk around the building to talk to people or climb a few flights of stairs to attend a meeting, people remain sat down as it is all done over Teams or Zoom.

The fact that many of us are sat poorly and for longer than normal will begin to have an impact, bad backs, tight wrists and aching legs will become common. This is just the tip of the iceberg though, as sitting for long periods of time without a break can result in more serious health conditions.

There is a reason why sitting has been dubbed 'the new smoking'.

It's why in each HomeQuarters box we are excited to give you a low impact workout that requires no equipment, little space and will just help reset your body after lengthy periods of sitting.

You could do it spontaneously, in-between calls, at fixed times each day or during a call when the conversation is around a topic that doesn't relate to you (which is my personal favourite), just make sure you turn your webcam off!

It's more important than ever to look after ourselves right now, so we're on a mission to make all of the working from home warriors maintain a healthy body during these difficult times.



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